1. What are the advantages of ThouShallFind.com over other global e-commerce portals?

ThouShallFind is an unified portal with a global reach. We support our vendors’ success by helping them in setting up a top-quality E-Commerce or Web-Presence site at a zero frontal cost and a very low maintenance cost ($8.00 per month).

2. What type of website is more suitable for my business?

If you seek to expand your reach to global scale, a Web-Presence type site will be ideal for you. If you intend to sell you product online to customers all over the world, E-Commerce type site will be the way to go.

3. Are Transactional Websites suitable for retailers or wholesalers?

These are suitable for both – retail and wholesale. Wholesale customers may use the bulk pricing option, provided in the PRODUCT MODULE.

4. What is the main currency used on Thoushallfind.com?

Each vendor may use currency of their own country of US dollar.

5. How to ship out products via ThouShallFind ? Can I choose my own partner shipping company?

Shipping company and pricing is determined by individual vendors on ThouShallFind .

6. How to change my password?

You may change your password on vendor portal. Go to vendor portal, and select Company Profile. From the window on the right, select “Change Password” tab at the top and follow the instructions on the screen.

7. How do I manage taxes? Should they be included in the pricing?

You may choose to post your prices with (taxes pre-added) or without taxes (where taxes are shown later when transactions are being completed). Taxes are very simple to manage. You may choose the applicable taxes while setting up your company’s profile. These taxes will apply as default to all items, unless you choose a different tax for an individual item. On PRODUCT MODULE you may choose to accept the default taxation, setup in your company’s profile or choose a different one for that particular product or service.

8. Can I use my own domain name for opening my Web site on ThouShallFind portal?

Yes. You may point your URL address registered at your domain name registrant to the URL created on ThouShallFind.com.

9. What is the commission structure for selling my product or service on ThouShallFind.com ?

ThouShallFind.com will charge a commission of between 2% to 5%, depending on the product or service. This is subject to evaluation and negotiation.