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Executive Summary

  • Fermos strategic completive advantage stands in its strong knowledge base and agility. Over 65 years of experience in manufacturing, combined with a solid supply chain — in North America and Asia — provides Fermos with capabilities to produce any type of products in metal, wood and acrylic in efficient, lean and cost-effective manner for retail and hospitality industries. The philosophy, “client deserves the best of everything,” runs in our veins.
  • We are a mid-size manufacturing operation, primarily, based in Montreal, Quebec. We also have a permanent office and a solid manufacturing partnership in China. The Montreal operation has a staff of, approximately, 70 skilled and semi-skilled persons. This facility is an over 100,000 square feet of modern and fully equipped manufacturing and warehousing space to handle all types of manufacturing challenges. The entire operation runs on a very sophisticated ERP system. The system is fully web-based, which is also supported by mobile apps. Warehousing, inventory management, and BOM are all fully integrated.
  • Among our strategic group of companies, Fermos has been known to be one of the most competitive one. We are lean. We know where to go for reducing costs at all levels. This is where the “years” seem to always deliver. Our procurement is also very efficient in terms of optimizing cost, quality and quantities. This has been an important factor in cost reduction. The other factors that the cost reduction may be attributed to, are the knowledge of tooling, manufacturing techniques and process optimization.
  • Our customer-service and project management staff has strong knowledge of managing all types of projects: from a small one-time order to very large rollouts. We also have a very knowledgeable designing team that can provide a full designing support to our clients. This also applies to our facility in China.
  • In line with our overall philosophy, we fight hard for our customers; we ensure that they get the best value possible in terms of price, quality and delivery.

Mission Statement

  • Our sincere objective is to be a world class manufacturing company; working as a team, meeting our challenges head on.
  • We refuse to accept poor quality workmanship.
  • We are resolute in our continuous effort to produce only top quality products, at very competitive prices.
  • Our clients deserve the best of everything; top quality service with top quality products.

Over 65 years of manufacturing experience in Montreal


Over 20 years of manufacturing experience in China with an up-to-date manufacturing facility

Strong knowledge base and inspired designing, engineering and manufacturing teams to take on any challenges

Adequate warehousing capacity to hold inventory for our clients, when required

  • Over 100,000 Sq. Ft. of warehouse capacity
  • Scalable to 150,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Fully integrated ERP system
  • Equipped with modern machinery for handling and packaging
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff

Experienced in handling large roll-outs seamlessly

  • State of the art fully-integrated ERR system
  • Strong knowledge base with over 40 years of experience catering to the needs of large chain stores like HBC, Reitmans & Walmart
  • Extended experience in handling and packaging

We work with fully integrated ERP, CAD, and Networking system, fully scalable to meet any technological challenges in the future.

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